A Smile on Ellie’s Face

Meet Ellie! Doesn’t she have a great smile? You put that smile on her face—thank you so much!

Do you know what Ellie used to do when she came home from school? She would sit at home and draw, by herself. Ellie said the very best thing about coming to Compassionate Heart is that now she has friends to do things with. Ellie’s parents told us “it has been about one year since Ellie started coming to Compassionate Heart. It has been such a blessing!

CH is a place where Ellie can be herself. She doesn’t have to try and fit into a “normal” world. Thank you so much . . . CH has been awesome and I believe a turning point for Ellie and us as a family. Thank you again!”

Everyone needs a place where they can be themselves, to be the person God created them to be. Thanks to you there is a place for Ellie and others like her. Young people who would otherwise go home and sit by themselves after school have a place where they can be accepted and hang out with friends. Thank you so much for turning their lonely hearts into happy hearts!